Mr. Joseph Chan

Program Lead of Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation

Faculty of Business and Economics 

The University of Hong Kong

Mr. Joseph Chan leads the Design Thinking courses and studio at HKU.  He promotes multi-disciplinary innovations and their applications, not just at the academic field but also among the industries.  He currently oversees a pioneering blockchain technology development project.  The open platform’s infrastructure and decentralized computation, which are about to be implemented, will connect offline behavior to the online data and system.  The asset digitalization and securitization by blockchain technology will introduce a disruptive new economy.
He is an educator who inspires the students, across different levels and disciplines, to be creative.  The students would use Design Thinking to solve business, design, social and technology problems – they are aspired to be innovative and to develop their own authentic style.  He received the Best Design Educator Award from Hong Kong Designers Association in 2016.  Joseph has also been appointed as Honorary Artist-in-Residence by The Education University of Hong Kong.

He also has a professional architect background with projects in Europe, Middle-East, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Joseph’s business and innovation vision conglomerates the inter-disciplinary areas of business strategy ecosystem, economy and technology, with one unified theme: “Accentuating the strengths of mankind thereby exploring a common path for all.”