Microsoft Imgaine Cup 2020 

Global Champion (HKU Team)

Hollo envisions a future of tech-based, accessible, and comprehensive mentalhealth management tools. As a Smart AI Powered Preventative platform, Hollo,aims at improving the mental health of individuals by integrating MachineLearning with suggestive diagnosis, therapy, and continual monitoring, facilitatingself-help and professional therapeutic services. With an interactive mobile app forthe users and a comprehensive case management dashboard for the therapists &NGOs, Hollo, is the perfect mental health platform for you and your therapist. Byreducing the need for additional technology (wearables) to analyse parameterslike heart-rate and sleep quality, we make this innovative technology accessiblefor less privileged communities in the world

Team Members:

  • Cameron van BredaBSc Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Science Entrepreneurship (Year 4), HKU

  • Ajit Krishna Namakkal Raghavendran, BEng Computer Science (Year 3), HKU

  • Piyush Jha, BEng Computer Science (Year 4), HKU