Ms. Yvonne Teh

Maker Evangelist

Yvonne came with over 10+ in the technology industry where she headed up Panasonic Design Center in Kuala Lumpur, specializing in hi-tech R&D development for products such as hifi/car audio systems, entertainment centers,
and air condition control systems just to name a few.


She is a strong advocate of the Maker Movement, making the best use of her corporate skills including embedded engineering, software development processes, project and event management, team development and collaborative synergy to apply in her role as a Maker Evengelist. 

It was in this role that she was able to merge her talents and passion in Innovation, STEM, and Alternative Education. Over the years she consulted for multiple organizations, such as MakerBay HK and HK Forest Adventures, helping to set up and grow them. She also managed and presented in events such as MakerFaires, Art Exhibitions, Maker Workshops, and Corporate Conferences.


In the innovation front, she developed creative educational tools such as button blocks, PlayKard, KayuRide, and Cardboard Arcades.


Yvonne is not only active in Hong Kong, appearing in local TV shows and magazines, she has also spread her network internationally in Malaysia, Taiwan, UK, Switzerland, and beyond. She successfully ran events internationally and organized education exchange programs.


Finally, she does all the above using environmental conservation as a guidepost.